Monday, February 1, 2016

Florals again on day 6 Watercolor class

Well folks its been fun, challenging, nailbiting, some frustration but all in all a wonderful class.

Welcome back..

Today I am posting the last bit of work I did from Day 6. Florals are not my strong suit but I did the best that I could and its not too bad. I learnt so much from Watercolor Intermediate class...I learnt things like negative painting, expressive florals, how to add things to a stamped scene. Also about glazing using the paint brush to make shapes...
The first one is a composition

Hope you like...


  1. This turned out beautifully! The flowers are great and I love the loose strokes of the greenery. And good for you to do this challenge!! I'm still working up my courage...

  2. Thanks was indeed a challenge but one of the things I discovered was if you look closely you could sometimes see a pattern in everything and its a matter of pulling it out! It was indeed challenging and to be quite honest it started out a real hot mess that I wanted to throw away and I started turning the paper in different directions and little by little I saw a design emerging and I tried my best to reveal it