Sunday, January 31, 2016

Simple anniversary card

Hi there

I have been doing watercolor all week and let me tell you its been awesome and informative. I have seen such beautiful work from my classmates and teachers.

Today I did something different. This is a simple card I did for my niece (to give to a friend) just using printed cardstock, diecut shapes and embossing ink. Its an anniversary card and I was not told which anniversary it was but I decided to use lots of gold (you can't go wrong with gold and silver for wedding or anniversary) and seeing that the cardstock had flecks of gold in it , I decided that the sentiment would also be in gold...

Check out my simple card....Hope you like....

Expressive florals Day 5 Watercolour class

Hello there everyone. Thank you for continuing to stop by.

Today I have some collections from the expressive floral class. I am not very good with florals but I intend to keep practicing them until I feel more comfortable doing them.

Here are some of my pieces from class.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bonus floral in watercolor class

Hello all,

Its been really exciting yet challenging at watercolor classes and at times I questioned whether I bit off more than I could chew but I have tried to do the best I can.

This is my sample bonus floral. Hope you like!

Another create a scene

This was very challenging! I did not have any stencils that were appropriate but I stamped the bird on piece of a branch and then I built the branch onto a tree and then added trees and the rest of the scenery, so I did not start off using a stenciled deer like the teacher did in this exercise.

I will admit I struggled abit to get my glazing in right and using a light colour for the undertones but this is what I got. The one the teacher did was really beautiful and creative. Maybe one day with continued practice I will be able to do great scenes like her...

Oh I used distress inks and a little bit of Koi black paint for the background and ranger 2, 4, 6 and 9 round brushes.

Hope you like!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Watercolor class- Sketch a scene around a stamped image

Very interesting concept!

Hi folks thanks for stopping by...

I am enjoying classes more and more.....the practice of repetition really pays off and that's the case..The classes are helping me to expand my horizons in terms of ideas and techniques and the fact that the techniques are repeated and build on each lesson, makes things easier and more comprehensive.

Today I did the tehnique of 'sketching a scene around a stamped image'. For my card the stamped image was the table and chair set. I added the pavement, the cafe and the wall. It wasnt very difficult to do but it was still a challenge and actually I am not as afraid as I was to layer color upon color as I have been in the past thanks to the earlier exercises of glazing etc.

Here is the card! I hope you like it...

Stamped scenes Day 4 Watercolor Class

Hello! Welcome back to my adventure in watercolor intermediate techniques! I know I am a day behind as today is really day 5 of class however daily chores and errands are still a must in the household....

In day 4 we had several stamped scenes to do. The first one involved using a large outlined image and using all the techniques we have learnt thus far. Well needless to say I unfortunately did not have any large outlined images I could use so I used a stamp from my stash that I have used only once.

Here is a pic of the card I made using the techniques and my stamp! Hope I got it right...

Negative painting at watercolor classes

Welcome back all!

Still blogging about Day 3 at watercolor classes. This was an interesting concept! A challenge but it wasnt too bad. Its something I will definitely practice as I liked how it brought images from the background to the foreground.

Like another student mentioned you had to be careful adding colors else you would end up with mud. My difficulty was that my light dye inks were not waterproof so the stamped image was smudging and at times were difficult to define but nevertheless I enjoyed the technique.

Here is my card!

Another Rose at watercolor class Day 3

You guessed it I had to face another rose at class on Day 3. Welcome back folks.

I opened my link to Day 3 classes and there was my nemesis 'the rose' well you could imagine I started to sweat as I had a fierce encounter on day 2 of class.

Well as I prepared myself for another round of matches with 'the rose' I remembered that one of my teachers(Dawn) said to me to do what makes me happy but have fun at class and also the encouragement I got from other students (Suzie and Dottie)to not worry about it but keep practicing and look at it in the morning, you will see how much better it I took a deep breath and proceeded.

It was actually a much better experience this time around as I learnt the technique of 'wet lifting' to remove excess pigment to create definition of petals etc... it was way cool and also applied the technique of negative painting!

Take a look and let me know what you think. I have a pic of the rose before and after I mounted it on a card!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 3- 1st card

Hi folks. Thanks for stopping by today!

I should really be showing day 4's cards but I was out all day yesterday running errands so I only got started on Day 3's lessons today. Here is one of the cards..its where you learn to set the scene. So we are combining several techniques from before and adding the technique of negative painting.

The teachers are truly talented and brilliant. I know I would have to practice alot to improve my watercolor techniques, but they have given me so much ideas for cardmaking.....

Here is my stamped scene! I did not have any vellum for the exercise so I painted the beachballs freehand.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wow Watercolor is Work!!!

Welcome back all! Well today was day 2 of my watercolor class and it was nail biting. The first two techniques weren't too bad the freehand cornflower and the watercolor wash ...still required some repetitious work to ensure I understood the technique then to make cards from them.

I then went on to do the free hand rose..whew! I dont know if I had a block on doing roses but I had to practice this technique at least 7 times and watch the video 4 times before I found myself doing something resembling a rose.I also looked at pics of roses to get the feel for the technique.

Take a look at the pic and feel free to critique it! The last card was a fun one it was almost as if the teachers realised that we would need something fun to do after that rose!!!!!But I must say that the class is excellent and the teachers top notch...Loads of fun, some hits and misses but lots of learning....

Monday, January 25, 2016

Watercolor Class Day 1

Whew! Welcome back everyone...Today was the start of my intermediate watercolor class. I am a student not the host but it was really good...I enjoyed the class immensely.

It started with us learning how to do washes, how to control where the paint goes and how to do designs freehand using a flat or round brush. I used Koi and Reeves watercolor paints in prussian blue, carmine red, deep yellow, viridian green and phthalo blue respectively.

What I have found is that
1)these techniques have been so far, easier to follow than any other

2)getting the right consistency makes the wash a lot smoother,

3)also being given a formula helps when needing the same consistencies with different colors (using paints out of a tube)

For homework we had to use the techniques to make cards and these are mine

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Exciting new class

Welcome back everyone...I am starting a new and exciting class this year intermediate watercolor techniques.
From the pre class notes I know its going to be a lot a fun!

Here are some pics of my pre class homework.

Just from this exercise I got a better understanding of doing watercolor techniques so I am really looking forward to starting this class tomorrow.

I will share with you pics of my work from the class.

Thanks for stopping by!

Missing in action for a while

Hi there!I know I have been missing for a while and yes I did not finish my undertaking last year with my 100 days of cards. I really bit off more than I could chew... I had designed these cards and thought okay it would be easy to blog about them ...boy was I wrong. I had distractions that I thought I could work around, also had some unexpected family obligations, and a lot more.

I have decided to take things a lot slower this year! Look out for new things on my blog... Thanks for your patience!