Saturday, March 18, 2017

A long break

Hi there

I know you've all been wondering what's been happening with me. It's been almost a year that I haven't written a blog post. Doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about you all but I had family issues to deal with that required my attention and to me and I'm sure to everyone is very important!
What I have found is when you take an extended time off you not only lose your visitors to your blog but you kinda lose your way abit and its challenging to get back into the habit of posting again. I was toying with the ideas of starting a new blog or just not blogging at all but I thought about all the nonsense happening in our world and I said you know what.... we need more things out there that make people happy, make people smile, make people believe that happiness and peace of mind are still worth finding....and that's why I do what I do...I like to make people smile....
So here goes....I'm back! I may still take a break if it warrants it but I will try to make it shorter next time.
I want to thank those who have supported me in the past and to thank those who are now supporting me.

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