Friday, January 29, 2016

Watercolor class- Sketch a scene around a stamped image

Very interesting concept!

Hi folks thanks for stopping by...

I am enjoying classes more and more.....the practice of repetition really pays off and that's the case..The classes are helping me to expand my horizons in terms of ideas and techniques and the fact that the techniques are repeated and build on each lesson, makes things easier and more comprehensive.

Today I did the tehnique of 'sketching a scene around a stamped image'. For my card the stamped image was the table and chair set. I added the pavement, the cafe and the wall. It wasnt very difficult to do but it was still a challenge and actually I am not as afraid as I was to layer color upon color as I have been in the past thanks to the earlier exercises of glazing etc.

Here is the card! I hope you like it...


  1. Terrific card! You did an awesome job of adding in the background! Isn't this class wonderful?

  2. Yes Kathryn the class is wonderful! And thank you very much for your inspiring comment! Looking forward to seeing yours!

  3. I love your card, in fact, it is my favorite card in the class gallery!! I hope one day I'll be able to paint something as wonderful as your card. You definitely have inspired me!!!

  4. Thank you Gigi, you are a truly awesome...and you also inspire with your words of encouragement. I am sure your painting will eventually surpass mine. Practice as much as you can. I have been practicing really hard and doing every exercise in the class and making notes.