Monday, January 25, 2016

Watercolor Class Day 1

Whew! Welcome back everyone...Today was the start of my intermediate watercolor class. I am a student not the host but it was really good...I enjoyed the class immensely.

It started with us learning how to do washes, how to control where the paint goes and how to do designs freehand using a flat or round brush. I used Koi and Reeves watercolor paints in prussian blue, carmine red, deep yellow, viridian green and phthalo blue respectively.

What I have found is that
1)these techniques have been so far, easier to follow than any other

2)getting the right consistency makes the wash a lot smoother,

3)also being given a formula helps when needing the same consistencies with different colors (using paints out of a tube)

For homework we had to use the techniques to make cards and these are mine

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