Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wow Watercolor is Work!!!

Welcome back all! Well today was day 2 of my watercolor class and it was nail biting. The first two techniques weren't too bad the freehand cornflower and the watercolor wash ...still required some repetitious work to ensure I understood the technique then to make cards from them.

I then went on to do the free hand rose..whew! I dont know if I had a block on doing roses but I had to practice this technique at least 7 times and watch the video 4 times before I found myself doing something resembling a rose.I also looked at pics of roses to get the feel for the technique.

Take a look at the pic and feel free to critique it! The last card was a fun one it was almost as if the teachers realised that we would need something fun to do after that rose!!!!!But I must say that the class is excellent and the teachers top notch...Loads of fun, some hits and misses but lots of learning....

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