Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life is a beach at retirement!

Hi again...welcome back to Rendesigns. Hope you had a great weekend. Today I decided to add a card that I did for my sister's friend. Its a retirement card. The card was done like a book with 3 pages. The concept was not mine but I adapted the concept to what I had in stock and designed the card around it. The first page was the front of the card which said 'Happy Retirement', 'Life is a beach' and 'I am the happiest retiree around' for which I used an Art Impressions stamp of a woman on the beach sipping a drink...
The overleaf of the front page was a set of balloons for each department where she worked, to sign their names.I added a bit of paint and glitter to the balloons
The second page was the message which again I did not write but I designed the look of it. (I normally write my own messages for my cards but if someone wants to write their own message I let them!)
The overleaf and next page were simple and designed for persons to write 'well wishes' on them.
I think it went well....Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on my blog

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