Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Party like a Celebrity

Hi there, welcome back.

Thank you guys for continuously supporting my artistic explorations.

Today I'm showcasing an invitation designed both by hand and on the computer using adobe illustrator. First I had an interview with the young man whose birthday will be celebrated by the event, to have an idea what sort of design he wanted.
He indicated glitz and glamour like a celebrity style party event with a nautical theme. ...I said ....oookay then, I will see what I can come up with.

So he wanted silver stars, action camera, musical notes (he's a pianist), red and blue and yellow colours and I said 'all of that I should place on a one-sided invitation which will also include the name of the invitee, the event,the date, the time the address"... Oh and he wanted the invite to be slim and landscape design. I said no problem but will you allow me to use judgement if needs be in the design and he said go for it

After he left I was freaking out as to what kind of crazy ...!? theme is this but nevertheless I soon calmed down and said can do it ...just think...! So I got out my computer and designed this in illustrator. I assured him there would be stars but all the details he wanted was too much.

Sent this he said he liked and I advised him that when I add the red, blue and yellow cardstock with embossed words, it may change somewhat, he said he trusts me because his mom trusts me so go ahead.I tried for a long while embossing silver stars on the invite it looked I said why not try gold and die cut big gold stars. This was the eventual design

His text was like "WOW, WOW, WOW!" He was so excited that he gave out some of the invites before his mom could put the stamp of her restaurant logo and RSVP on the back of it for authenticity.

Wow that was a close call!
Oh the cardstock used was Red Hots, Blueberry sour and Marshmallow chick bought at Ellen Hutson.They actually gave me the colour advice re cardstock for the nautical theme.
The star die was from SSS bundle of stitched shapes.

Thanks everyone for dropping by see you on on Friday for my next adventure!
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