Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Simple Neutral Tones (Black and White)

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Today I decided to try my hand at doing cards in just the neutral tones of black and white. Now my style of card is very simplistic and I love to use a white background as my negative space on a card.

So I was sitting down listening to interviews on and this idea just came to me. I know its probably not new but I decided to do a little dabbling with Kuretake black paint to watercolor a simple background for these cards... I can tell you I had a lot of fun. Firstly I began by stamping an image then just swishing the brush a bit I was able to build interest into the design.

I used

White cardstock
Kuretake Black paint
Black Velvet no 4 brush
Penny Black Sunny Days Stamp
Other Stamps
Black ink
Other Paper

These three cards were done very simply and with little to no effort. I really enjoyed just letting go and let my creative side just take over...You should try it....Its freeing....

Here's another look at all 3

If you like these cards check back on Friday for another blast of these simple monochrome watercolour cards

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